Morning Report: Khabib Nurmagomedov discusses infamous UFC 229 brawl: ‘I expect more than what I find inside the cage’


This past weekend, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Eagle FC made its U.S. debut, with Eagle FC 44 in Miami, Fl. But before he became a burgeoning promoter, Nurmagomedov was one of the biggest stars in MMA, and the fight that pushed him to superstar status is remembered for one of the most controversial moments in UFC history.

At UFC 229, Nurmagomedov defended his lightweight title against former champion Conor McGregor. The fight was a heated affair with both fighters exchanging fiery words and McGregor even attacking the bus Khabib was riding on. But for all the drama leading up to the bout, the fight itself was far less intense, with Nurmagomedov dominating McGregor en route to a fourth-round submission victory. But then all hell broke loose.

After McGregor was submitted, Nurmagomedov leapt over the fence to attack McGregor. It took several minutes for everyone involved to control their tempers. This was a scene that received almost universal condemnation. Nurmagomedov jumped over the fence and attacked McGregor’s corner, initiating a brawl that took several minutes to settle.

” I’m not going say that I am proud to have something like this,” Numragomedov said on the Full Subscribe Podcast .. “Maybe at the age right now, 33 and a half, maybe I’m not going to jump right now, But, for that time (I did).”

Obviously, it takes two people to cause an accident. Many pointed out McGregor’s prefight attacks on Nurmagomedov. But discussing the brawl further, Nurmagomedov said it wasn’t just that McGregor talked so much beforehand, it’s that he couldn’t back it up on fight night.

“I was first preparing for war,” Nurmagomedov stated. “I come inside the cage, I fight with this guy, and he tapped. It’s like I don’t know why I came here. Why do I work so hard to get this job? You’re going to tap easy like this? He tapped and I took his chin. The one I am upset about is the fact that I expected more from him than I found inside his cage. Honestly, I don’t remember everything, I’m going to be honest. It was a crazy, emotional moment. I’m like okay this party not finished.”

Khabib didn’t know just how accurate he was. McGregor and Khabib have continued their feuding in public over the years since the brawl. Things got so bad that at one point the UFC felt compelled to intervene. They will probably never again fight, with Nurmagomedov retiring from the sport. However, their rivalry inside and outside of the cage will forever bind them together.


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