Morning Report: Daniel Cormier: Justin Gaethje’s Conor McGregor steroid claims are ‘very serious’ accusations


Daniel Cormier believes Justin Gaethje may know something no one else does.

Speaking with MMA Fighting earlier this week, Gaethje spoke about Conor McGregor’s absence from the USADA testing pool in all of 2022. “The Highlight” noted how the omission sounds like “he’s off taking steroids.”

McGregor’s been out of action since breaking his leg in his trilogy bout against Dustin Poirer in July 2021. In recent months, however, the Irishman has appeared to be bulking up and is getting set to appear in his first movie alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in a Road House reboot. Additionally, McGregor took to Twitter this week sharing that he intends on returning at 170-pounds.

Cormier feels there may be more smoke to this new fire than meets the eye.

“Justin went so far as to imply that Conor McGregor — or straight up say, honestly — that Conor McGregor’s off doing some steroids. That is a pretty bold statement,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel. “My question is how does Gaethje know that? Is Gaethje checking the USADA website to know and say this with this much confidence? Or is he basing this on Conor McGregor’s appearance?

“The reality is this; you don’t know. Because Conor McGregor’s not a tall guy so if he starts to gain weight, he’s gonna look a little bigger, he’s gonna look a little more full, and he looks a little more puffy.”

Gaethje is somewhat of the odd man out in the lightweight division’s crop of elite right now. Having undergone nose surgery since his May defeat to Charles Oliveira, the rest of the top contenders are now all booked to compete at UFC 280 and UFC 281 in the coming weeks. Therefore, Gaethje anticipates a return in early 2023.

Depending on how things shake out with every other moving part, the timing could align perfectly for a Gaethje vs. McGregor matchup. It’s just a matter of whether or not the UFC would be willing to put such a fight together, says “DC.”

“For Gaethje to say that so confidently tells me that either him or his team is kind of looking into it,” Cormier said. “I’m pretty sure Gaethje has an idea of when McGregor was tested last.

“Now, here’s the thing … Conor McGregor is coming off what was one of the nastiest leg injuries in the UFC. Justin Gaethje is insane at throwing leg kicks. Is this the fight for Conor McGregor right back being that Justin will beat the legs down? Especially knowing that Conor is a southpaw and Justin’s a conventional fighter. Justin can throw those kicks from both sides, and he can really beat up that injured leg. So, is that the fight? The world would love it, but these accusations are very serious. So for Justin Gaethje to say them, there must be some background info into it.”


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I’d be pretty stunned if Gaethje welcomes McGregor back. With the chatter of him coming back at 170, I think we’re actually closer to McGregor vs. Jorge Masvidal than anything else at the moment.

Happy Friday, peeps. Have a great weekend, and go outside, but stay safe! Thanks for reading!


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