Morning Report: Ben Askren suggests Jiri Prochazka could sue USADA over excessive testing


Ben Askren thinks Jiri Prochazka has grounds to sue USADA.

In 2022, Prochazka has been the most tested athlete in the UFC by far, with a staggering 64 tests at the time of writing. It’s something Prochazka admitted can be bothersome, and when Ben Askren broke down the numbers to Daniel Cormier recently, you can see why.

“2017, the average amount of tests per athlete was four and a half,” Askren told Cormier on Cormier’s YouTube channel. “2018, four tests per athlete. 2019, six. 2021, six. 2022, [five and a half] average tests per athlete. Over the course of all of those years, the most tested athlete in a single year was Misha Cirkunov at 27. We’re talking about thousands of athletes!”

“If they cut his test by 70 percent, he’d still be the second most tested athlete out of 700 something…Literally he is being tested more than any athlete, not only in MMA, he is being tested more than any athlete, by double, that is tested by USADA. Any sport.”

” If I was Jiri I would have my lawyer send USADA an email stating, “I need explanations why you are testing me so much,” Askren said.

“749 fighters currently in the UFC, No. 1 most tested, Jiri Prochazka, 64 tests. There are only two other people that have been tested over 20 times. Only two others!… Only 36 athletes, out of 750, that’s less than five percent, have been tested 10 times. So nine or less for 713 fighters. Jiri must explain! USADA, why are you testing me this much?”

Askren’s numbers are slightly off, with 755 total athletes encompassed in USADA’s testing this year, however, with 4183 total samples collect, Prochazka alone still accounts of 1. 5% of USADA’s total testing in 2022, which is extremely high, given the huge athlete pool.

As for why Prochazka seems to be on USADA’s hit list, Askren offered a few theories.

“Number one, like you said, he’s dirty and they know he’s dirty and they just can’t figure out how to catch him,” Askren said. That’s number one. Number two, there is like a Polish USADA branch and they need to get a certain amount of tests and there are only like four athletes so they just test him all the time because he’s close to the station.”

It was at this point that Cormier informed Askren that Prochazka is actually from the Czech Republic. After acknowledging his mistake, with a “close enough,” Askren then continued, with his most sensational possible explanation.

“Number 3: I believe this to be a plausible scenario. Daniel, the old man who used to come and do my tests. He’s got one or two people. The person who tests him enjoys looking at his stuff. It’s possible. [Laughs].”

At this point the conversation goes off the rails but, aside from the obvious joke nature of some, Askren believes Prochazka gets a rough deal.

“Once in six days? !,” Askren said. “I’m suing! Sue them! Jiri, sue USADA.”


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