Morning Report: Aljamain Sterling praises Khamzat Chimaev: ‘He’s a special gift to this generation of MMA’


Aljamain Sterling sees nothing but good things awaiting Khamzat Chimaev’s future.

This past weekend at UFC 279, Chimaev’s dominant ways continued as fans have become accustomed to seeing. Originally set to headline the event opposite Nate Diaz in a welterweight showdown, “Borz” badly missed weight by seven and a half pounds. Therefore, the UFC was forced to make some adjustments, leading to Chimaev facing Kevin Holland in the co-main event.

Chimaev cut through Holland as soon as the fight started, submitting him just over two minutes in via d’arce choke. Using his great wrestling skills of his own to reach the top of the bantamweight division as champion, Sterling couldn’t have been more impressed by yet another Chimaev trouncing.

“Khamzat Chimaev … just an absolute beast and stud of an athlete and stud of a fighter, man,” Sterling said on his YouTube channel. “The guy is just a special gift to this generation of MMA, in my personal and humble opinion.

“I can’t see anyone else on this [official UFC rankings] list who can really give him a significant challenge unless they are going to be specialists in the grappling department. Not just BJJ, they have to have some type of wrestling. I think Khamzat is a shoo-in to be a champion already.”

Friday’s weight mishaps from Chimaev led to the entire top of UFC 279 getting shifted around. While most considered the matchups to have gotten better, they undeniably escalated in difficulty for Holland, who went from facing a boxing-based Daniel Rodriguez.

Regardless, Holland doesn’t have any regrets after he and Chimaev got into things early in the week, and according to him, got compensated handsomely for stepping up on short notice.

“He (Holland) got the shortest end of the stick,” Sterling said. “Whatever he got paid, I hope he got taken care of to step up and take that fight and — I don’t want to say save the card — but kind of save the card, you know? Even though Khamzat kind of became a villain after missing weight by eight pounds or whatever it was, I think people are still intrigued by him, he has this aura, this zen that people want to see and it’s just very captivating what he does and the energy that he brings and how he does it.”

The official UFC welterweight rankings still seat Chimaev at No. 3 after his weight miss and 12th straight career victory. Now, it’s just a matter of whether or not he’ll continue to try and chase down that 170-pound crown or try his hand once again at middleweight. Either way, Sterling sees the 28-year-old smashing machine taking out any and all comers.

“Khamzat is there and he’s coming for everybody’s ass,” Sterling said. “I think he’s legitimately coming for everybody and the way he’s doing it, I think it’s scary. Scary good. He took one strike over the course of how many fights? The only person who’s been able to really touch him up was Gilbert Burns.”


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I can’t really say I disagree with AlJo. The grappling sequences Khamzat displayed at UFC 279 were a thing of absolute beauty. Matchups with any of the top 5 at 170 or 185 are must-see.

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