Monson told how the fight between Jan and Sterling will go

MMA veteran Jeff Monson in conversation with SE shared expectations from the fight between Russian Petr Yan and American Aljamain Sterling at UFC 272.

Their duel will take place on March 5 in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA).

“The first fight between them was good and controversial. I think Jan will win this fight. Of course there is a chance that Sterling will win because this is MMA. Both have become better prepared, their positions have changed, but Ian will still win. It will be a difficult fight of five rounds, after which Ian will be awarded the victory, ”Monson told SE.

Last March at UFC 259, Sterling defeated Yan via disqualification for an illegal knee to the head in the fourth round. Their rematch was scheduled to take place in October at UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi, but Sterling was injured and pulled out of the fight. Corey Sandhagen came on as a substitute, and the result of the confrontation was Jan’s victory by unanimous decision.