MMA fighter Vagabov: “Datsik did dirty things in prison. I want to ask him about it.”

The current AMC Fight Nights light heavyweight champion Vagab Vagabov, in an interview with SE, told how the idea of ​​​​a duel with Vyacheslav Datsik, nicknamed Red Tarzan, arose.

“Told the management of AMC Fight Nights that I would like to split the cage [с Дациком]. I was talking about MMA then,” Vagabov said. – He told the reasons that relate to his past and mine. I didn’t have anything to do with him, just because of the knowledge of the past regarding the prison, things that I consider unacceptable and dirty, I would like to ask him for this.

“He never touched the personal, but he touched the general. The common detainees are the same people who will be free tomorrow. I want this to be a lesson to him and for whom he is like.

The fight according to the rules of boxing can take place under the auspices of AMC Fight Nights. Earlier, Datsik on his Instagram replied to Vagabov that he beat rapists and hucksters in prison.