Missed Fists – Marney Maxx, a one-handed fighter scores incredible head kick knockouts


Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

We are now one month in the year, and have already been spoiled. Although submissions and knockouts were amazing this week, we are going to start our year with an inspirational sight rather than the normal brutality.

(Big thanks as always to @Barrelelapierna for their weekly lists of the best KOs and submissions, and to @Grabaka_Hitman for uploading many of the clips you see here. Give them a follow and chip in on Patreon if you can. )

Marney Maxx vs. Deivid Costa

AL: I understand that the wonder of seeing Nick Newell compete with one hand has dimmed in the eyes of a lot of jaded MMA fans as we’ve seen him plenty over the years, but I’ve never ceased admiring him for having a successful fighting career despite that hurdle.

So you can imagine how wowed I was by one-handed Brazilian fighter Marney Maxx wiping Deivid Costa out with a head kick at a Demo Fight event in Bahia, Brazil.

JM: Remember when Nick Newell fought Justin Gaethje? Wow, was that a bad idea.

AL: I could have four hands and I wouldn’t want to fight Gaethje.

JM: Now that’s something I’d pay to watch: Gaethje vs. Goro.

AL: Gaethje -400 favorite.

JM: Anyway, this is a quality knockout! Maxx cuts the legs and switches up to go high. However, it’s hard to imagine what Costa was doing. He seemed entirely content to stay out of boxing range, which seems like that should be the range you’d want to set up camp in for this fight. He will regret it in retrospect.

AL: It’s really a quality knockout under any circumstances, but Maxx powering through that adversity makes it even better. You can learn more about him on his Instagram and YouTube.

And now we go from the inspirational to straight filth courtesy of amateur Dylan Aguilar and the Fury Amateur Series.

JM: “Kick of the Night” is tremendous brand building. Way to go, Fury Amateur Series and way to go Mr. Aguilar. Nicely done.

Tebatso Molele vs. Jade Van Der Kroff
Nicholas Vermaak vs. Philani Mbuyazi
Zanro Burger vs. Mlungisi Mbizane Junior
Jhonnatan Insignares vs. Junior Mesa

AL: Honestly, I don’t know what was going on with the amateur circuit this week, but dudes were HUNGRY.

An Alpha MMA Event in Midrand in South Africa featured a trio o’ amazing finishes. Tebatso Molele did everything he could to bring Jade Van Der Kroff home.

My man wasn’t giving up on the choke, and Van Der Koof didn’t want him to give up either. So that was how it ended.

JM: Dang. This choke is the deepest I have ever seen. VDK kept fighting the battle for so long that I was afraid he may have been one of those weirdos who is unchokeable. Turns out he wasn’t.

AL: Then we had Nicholas Vermaak and the magnificently named Zanro Burger churning out dueling Humpty Dumpty Fall of the Week candidates.

I believe I would give the award this week to Vermaak. You can’t go wrong either way. Well, it went very wrong for Philani Mbuyazi and Mlungisi Mbizane Junior, but you get what I’m saying.

JM: Amateur MMA is so stupid. “Thank god they have those shin guards, we wouldn’t want someone to get hurt in there!”

Vermaak takes the top prize for this weekend’s event. The presence of the cage always makes weird falls that much more interesting.

Jhonnatan Insignares vs. Junior Mesa

AL: Amateur Jhonnatan Insignares kicks off our next section dedicated to spinning sh*t as he clocked Junior Mesa in the worst possible way with a spinning boot right to the mush at a Gladiator Fight Club event in Caldas, Colombia.

JM: Again, we are saved by the presence of shin guards! As long as there are two bones that can cushion a fighter’s head, no devastating injury can occur.

On a completely unrelated subject, are you sure that E. Casey Leydon, our own E. Casey Leydon, will be the Missed Feists Cut when he fights his first bout this month? God, I pray so. I need to see our man victorious in these hallowed pages.

AL: Of course, he’ll probably be the lead story and hopefully not because he’s on the receiving end of a Humpty Dumpty KO. Speaking of which…

Lascha Abramishvili vs. Ahad Sardari

Over on the pro side, Lascha Abramishvili shined at a German MMA Championship event in Gelsenkirchen as he zagged a spin kick into the face of a zigging Ahad Sardari.

JM: That’s lowkey a contender for Humpty Dumpty this week as well. It would have been an entire Flair Flop if Sardari hadn’t covered up his collapse at the end.

Gleb Khabibulin vs. Furkat Komilov

AL: Man, this spinning is some real “no can defend” BS, or at least I thought it was until I saw Gleb Khabibulin time the perfect counter against a twirling Furkat Komilov (full fight available on YouTube).

That is “Oh We Throwing Spinning Sh*t” meets “Two Piece and a Soda .”


JM: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That was incredible. Like, the two most important aspects to a spinning attack are that you can’t telegraph it (or else they will just move out of the way) and you have to do it quickly. Instead, Komilov spins like he’s in wet cement and gives Khabibulin a lifetime to take his head off. Tremendous stuff.

Magomed-Amin Pirbudakov vs. Sirazhudin Abdulaev
Alexander Soldatkin vs. Jackson Goncalves
Manuchekhr Davlatov vs. Jahongir Jaloliddinov

AL: Everyone was excited about Eagle FC’s U.S. debut this past weekend, but back in the promotion’s homebase of Russia there was plenty of damage being dished out.

At an Eagle FC: Selection show (free replay available on YouTube) in Dagestan, Magomed-Amin Pirbudakov literally hunted Sirazhudin Abdulaev down and gave him no chance to escape this knockout.

Seriously. What would you do in such a situation?

JM: Well, I would have started out by not accepting the fight. Professional fighting seems like a horrible profession. It is full of suffering and pain with little to no reward. Abdulaev, however, did what he had to do.

AL: Then at Open Fighting Championship 16 (free replay available on YouTube) in Tolyatti, Alexander Soldatkin made sure that Jackson Goncalves wasn’t going anywhere after Goncalves survived some ground-and-pound and tried to catch a breather.

“Where do you think you’re goin’, pal?”

JM: I know that, very occasionally, we see someone get away with turning their back and running away during a fight, but it seems like that’s few and far between. I feel like the most likely outcome whenever you completely turn your back to an opponent and flee is that you get clobbered in a violent and disrespectful fashion.

Don’t run away, kids. Facing your adversaries head-on.

AL: And then there was Manuchekhr Davlatov, who graced us with a leg lock submission that is sure to ruin your weekend when you see that final twist.

I immediately regret watching this. It was again.

JM: Why did you put this as the final clip?!? It’s supposed to be a positive note. The poor man with his used-to function knee.

AL: I believe it was the great Aristotle who once mused upon the art of combat, “Barf.”

If after all that you’re somehow craving more Fists that may have been Missed, make sure to check out the fantastic highlights from Thursday’s Ares FC show including Missed Fists alum Abdoul Abdouraguimov a.k.a. To become UFC veteran Godofredo Pepey’s first submission fighter, “Lazy King” hit an inverted triangle.

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