Missed Fists: Bare-knuckle boxers battle over lake in first episode of ‘Punch Fall’


Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

Summer has ended and I couldn’t think up a better way than to start this week’s feature with a refreshing look at the latest combat sport sensation that’s rocking the country!

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Punch Fall

You know, usually when @Matysek88 graces us with the latest footage from the other side of the world, it lands somewhere between freakishly amusing and straight horrifying, but come on: “Punch Fall” just looks super fun.

Everyone involved had a great time, even though there was a lot of face-punching (mileage might vary). It’s a brutal version of the traditional joust we all learned at summer camp, county fairs and team building retreats. But the powerful image of a repurposed storage container suspended over a lake makes it seem more real.

There’s a lot to Missed Fingers which have me thinking, “Oh my God, I don’t want to do that!” But I can take this. I would try this. This is what I would like to do.

You can — and should — watch the first episode of Punch Fall for free on YouTube:


Cleiton Silva vs. Leonardo Mafra
Lucas Martins vs. Henrique Marques
Edilceu Alves vs. Sean Santella

Cleiton Silva, we give you the deepest of cap tips for your unwavering dedication to the spinning s***.

Look, I’m not entirely sure what UFC vet Leonardo Mafra was doing here, but he showed little concern for Silva attempting to spinning back fist him the first time. The second. It wasn’t until the third time when it was way too late that he realized the error of his ways.

Frankly, the referee didn’t seem too concerned about it either as he denied Silva his walk-off opportunity even though it was clear as day that Mafra had had enough. We can’t help but laugh at Herb Dean. But, there are other guys like him.

In the Brave CF 60 main event, Lucas Martins dared Henrique Marques to stand in the pocket with him. Marques agreed and Marques is gone.

(Quick tip: Lower the volume on those headphones before playing this clip as the commentator goes from zero to 100 out of nowhere. )

Edilceu alves won a noteworthy victory over Sean Santella, longtime flyweight champion. While he didn’t win the fight, Santella attempted to seduce him with his most dangerous and daring technique.

Yeah, I’m really not sure what Alves was doing there. Aside from winning, it is clear.

Brave CF 60 is available to replay with a subscription to Brave CF TV.

Rauan Bekbolat vs. Ramzan Molochaev

This has to be one of the best stoppages I’ve ever seen.

At first glance, this looks like an absurdly early call. Referee Dauranbek Zhakaev steps in right after Rauan Bekbolat lands a clean jumping knee to the stomach, which would have likely sent social media into a rage if it happened in a major North American promotion. However, there’s no complaint from Ramzan Molochaev and literally seconds later he collapsed to the mat and actually required medical assistance to get back up. How did Zhakaev know that Molochaev was that badly hurt? Does he have Romeo Must Die X-ray vision???

It was competitive up until that point. Both fighters utilized body work and Molochaev landed a couple of sweet spin kicks to the midsection. Bekbolat proved that sometimes one great punch is enough.

Alash Pride 75 is available for free replay on YouTube.

Lewis McGrillen vs. Martin Fouda

So this is why they teach you not to leave your legs out there.

That’s 21-year-old bantamweight prospect Lewis McGrillen clubbering Martin Fouda. McGrillen scores a straight punch with Fouda, who hops on one leg before landing a devastating blow. The result is exactly what you would expect. Fouda then goes parallel to Fouda’s ground and rams into him.

It’s worth noting that much of Vida Fighting Championships 3, which took place in Manchester, England, was booked as a showcase for fighters like McGrillen. His opponent entered their bout with a 5-17-1 record. Several of the losing fighters were making their pro debut and none of them have a winning record. One fighter, Jan Lysak, is now 0-22 according to Sherdog.com!

Matt Hampton vs. Yannick Krahenbuhl

All kinds of bodies were getting caught this past weekend, and Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat 4 event (available for replay on UFC Fight Pass) was no exception.

Here is Matt Hampton taking Yannick Krahenbuhl to the ground with a single-shot bomb.

Hampton improved to 1-1 with the win, while Krahenbuhl will hopefully have short-term memory in regards to his pro debut, which lasted less than 40 seconds. Fighting can be a dangerous business.

And in case you missed it — and really, I am telling you it’s OK that you missed it — Blake Perry had his nose completely rearranged after eating a knee to the face. The link is available for you to see. I won’t be looking at it again.

Ebeson Sevalho vs. Gabriel de Souza

How about another more blink-and-you-missed-it KO?

At Thunder Fight 37, Ebeson Sevalho needed just 18 seconds to catch Gabriel de Souza with a right hand. The way they were both throwing, someone’s card was going to get pulled, and on this day it was de Souza’s.

One more from the ICYMI pile, make sure you check out Iago Torres’ hook kick KO from Action Fight 21. Cleiton Silva couldn’t walk the talk, but at least one Brazilian got to enjoy it.

Now, get back to your summer vacations everyone and don’t forget to make time for all your friends and family:

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