Mineyev told where he will spend the fee for the fight with Shtyrkov

Reigning AMC Fight Nights middleweight champion Vladimir Mineev, who defeated his compatriot Ivan Shtyrkov in a kickboxing match, will spend his entire fee for the fight to help people in the NWO zone.

“I’m doing this because I have the opportunity to help children,” Mineyev said in a post-fight interview. “Most of this fee will go to the Petr Mineev Foundation, and we will help the children of Donbass. And the second part will go for me to buy the guys in the SWO zone what they really need now – drones, armored cars, and other gimmicks. I want to dedicate my fight to our guys who are on the front lines. We’re all waiting to win.”

Mineyev’s next deployment to the special military operation zone will begin in ten days.

“Since the beginning of December, I have a new business trip starting. I am in touch with my company commander and the guys. Waiting for me to come back with goodies.”

The kickboxing match, at stake in which was Vladimir Mineyev’s championship belt of “REN-TV Fight Club” in the weight up to 93 kilograms, went all three rounds and ended with the victory of “Volzhanin” by unanimous decision of the judges. Mineyev’s fee for the fight amounted to about fifteen million rubles.