Mineev’s fee for the fight with the former Bellator champion has been announced

AMC Fight Nights president, Kamil Gadzhiev, announced the amount that his organization’s champion, Vladimir Mineyev, will receive for a kickboxing match against former Bellator middleweight titleholder, Rafael Carvalho.

“More than ten million rubles,” Gadzhiev said in an interview Vadim Tikhomirov. “He generally has all his fees around fifteen million rubles, and for kickboxing too”

On the eve of the bout participants passed the official weigh-in procedure, showing 93 kilograms each.

Recall that the kickboxing fight, in which the title of champion will be played, will be the main event of the next tournament “Fight Club REN-TV”. Live broadcast of the main fights will start on the channel on September 15 at 23:00 Moscow time.