Mineev – about the expulsion of Chorshanbe from Russia: “If you violate traffic rules, then you are uncivilized and you should be deported”

The reigning AMC Fight Nights champion Vladimir Mineev commented on the expulsion of pop-MMA fighter Chorshanbe Chorshanbiev from Russia for violating traffic rules in Moscow.

“The fact that he was deported? Yes I know. My opinion: pop MMA has lost one of its stars,” Mineev said in an interview with Svyatoslav Kovalenko. “It’s bad that he couldn’t adapt to Moscow and civilization, so to speak. But still, he behaved a little marginally.

“It was not just that they took him, and they were like: “Chorshanbe, you are bad. You can’t be here [находиться]. Leave.” He was also deported for something, and more specifically, for violating traffic rules. Rules of the road are banal laws, from which a person begins to socialize. You are taught how to cross the road, how to go there, how not to hit people. Traffic rules are the minimum rules for being in a civilized society. If you violate them, then you are uncivilized and you should be deported from a civilized society. And so it happened.”

Chorshanbe Chorshanbiev was detained at the Dushanbe airport on the morning of December 30. According to Radio Ozodi, the fighter was taken to the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan.