Mike Tyson’s confession: “In the fight against Roy Jones, I was under mushrooms and grass”


56-year-old former heavyweight absolute Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs), who is heavily addicted to soft drugs, admitted in an interview
The Pivot Podcast, who boxed against Roy Jones in an exhibition fight in November 2020, while under the influence of “substances”. Recall that the fight went through the allotted eight rounds and ended in “friendship”.

“It helps me train and box better. When I fight, I don’t really feel the punches. It really looks like some kind of magical shit, Mike recklessly cuts. You saw how I fought [против Роя]? I’ve been mushrooming. I wouldn’t fight without them, are you crazy? There were more crumbs and weed.”

Tyson regrets that he could not taste the conditional fly agaric before the fights, when he was still officially speaking.

Tyson broke up and almost destroyed the cabin of the coach: video

“I’m so fucking mad that I didn’t know about this shit at the time! I had to smoke while I was fighting. I would be even better. Once I fought under the grass and broke the guy’s back, tore his spleen, broke his eye socket. In short, the game was. And I was stoned at the time, ”said Mike, and then, for the sake of formality, he said, oh, sorry, podcast viewers can still be children, don’t smoke, kids, playing sports.

Tyson owns a 420-acre cannabis farm in southern California.

Earlier in June, Tyson got hit: he became a bee and sang. And then a little weathered and recorded a short video: “Ukrainians, I’m with you.”

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