Mike Tyson reveals who helped him gain respect in prison


In 1992, former American heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was sentenced to 6 years in prison on charges of rape. The legendary boxer spent a little less than 3 years behind bars, was released in 1995 and resumed his career.

According to Tyson, the greatest stars and celebrities came to visit him. But the appearance of one of them changed everything – including the attitude of other prisoners towards him: “Do you know what happened when rapper Tupac Shakur came to visit me? Everyone respected him so much that they simply began to applaud. So it was. As soon as he entered the room, everyone immediately fell silent and began to stare at him, and then began to applaud.

According to Tyson, he also had other stars “visiting”: “When I was locked up, I had such a frantic influx of visitors. Everyone came: BB King, James Brown, Whitney Houston. Damn, everyone came. Florence Henderson. I still can’t list everyone – there were so many visitors.”

September 7, 1996 at the arena MGM Grand in Las Vegas (USA) Tyson beat
Bruce Seldon, destroyed it in the opening round. Tupac was among the spectators at the fight, who after the fight in the arena lobby had a conflict with a member of a criminal gang. A few hours later, Shakur’s vehicle was shot by unknown people – the mortally wounded singer was taken to the hospital, died on September 13.

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