Mike Tyson ran over Floyd Mayweather: “I don’t want to hear this anymore!”


Legendary American heavyweight Mike Tyson ran into iconic compatriot Floyd Mayweather. “Iron Mike” has not previously hidden that he is far from enthusiastic about the career of “Money” and does not consider him the greatest boxer of all time.

“You know, there are some personalities in boxing… No matter how cool they were in their time, they will never achieve the status of the greatest. Even though they were making unrealistic money, they are no match for Julio Cesar Chavez. Understand that in this case, money is not an indicator. That’s the reason why I don’t want to hear Floyd Mayweather praising his shitty record anymore, I don’t want to hear him brag about his 50-0 record.”
declared Tyson.

In 2019, Iron Mike went berserk when asked about Floyd’s record: “Don’t tell me about it. Don’t tell me that if you have a 50-0 record, then you are the greatest in history. Yes, you are great. But your 50-0… Chavez had 90 unbeaten fights. And you know what? He fought a lot more. He spent 8 fights a year. And he fought with those who were in the ratings, without choosing or avoiding anyone. He just fought anyone who was ready to challenge him.”

Mayweather, 45, continues to perform. But not like a professional anymore – he amuses fans with exhibition fights. The latter was frankly terrible, but this did not stop Floyd. After the fight, he infuriated the fans – he told why he was still entering the ring, and in early January he announced the next fight – very soon in Europe.

Floyd’s trainer told the bike about how Mayweather cut down Spence during sparring. He reacted.