Mike Tyson broke up and almost destroyed the coach’s cab: video


Boxing coach Rafael Cordeiro regularly falls from the 55-year-old American heavyweight Mike Tyson, who, although he is not going to resume official performances at an advanced age for sports, is not averse to jumping in the ring again in a show fight. Especially if you manage to earn a couple of tens of millions of dollars on it.

At one of the training sessions, Cordeiro flew in again. Now the coach’s lip was broken, which he boasted on the video.

Tyson gives advice to McGregor

“When you play with fire, you end up burning,” wrote the moderator who runs Tyson’s Instagram page. Maybe Mike does it himself.

Mike officially retired from boxing 17 years ago, but in the fall of 2020, he had an exhibition fight against Roy Jones, reducing him to a friendly draw.

Celebrity boxer Jake Paul fought Tyson for a long time, but he eventually (so far!) refused to fight the YouTuber.

Yesterday, Mike told who helped him gain respect in prison, and before that he got high and did not condemn the killing of Ukrainians by Russia.

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