Mike Perry informs Michael “Venom” Page that he has been fighting cans his whole life. MVP replies


This Saturday Michael “Venom” Page and Mike Perry will face off in the main event of BKFC 27 at the OVO Arena Wembley in London, and with the event just a few days away, the two headliners are champing at the bit to get down to business.

“I think it’s a great fight,” Page said during a virtual face off on The MMA Hour. He’s an amazing character with great energy. That is one thing that I love about him. The build-up is always thrilling when there is someone who isn’t boring. You know that it will be tough when you step in the ring. Great character. So many people, they have the massive build up and then they get there and they don’t actually want to fight. With someone like Platinum, I doubt that will be the case. …

“Yeah, bro! It’s going to be such an honor to go in there and knock you out! Such an honor,” Perry returned.

” I’ve seen him. His videos of him knocking out people in Bellator have been viral and I am excited to see his skills. Long and slippery, and he seems to be smart. Although he likes to claim that certain people are too stupid, I believe he realizes I have a few clever tricks up my sleeves. So we will see .”


” I genuinely don’t believe that,” Page laughed.

“That will be your downfall then,” Perry shot back. Perry replied, “This will be a very different night.” This might be the end for you.”

“Only because it’s BKFC. That’s the only reason it’s different,” Page said. “Outside of that, it’s just another fight. I’ve been fighting all my life. It’s nothing. It’s just another day at the park.”

“Yeah fighting cans will take your entire life,” Perry replied.

Both Page and Perry have some professional boxing experience, but this will be the first bare-knuckle fight of Page’s career, while Perry had his first bout in BKFC earlier this year, winning a unanimous decision over Julian Lane. Perry believes that his experience in the bare-knuckle world gives him a decided advantage.

” I think he is here to learn some things about himself and to see what everyone else on the internet has to say about him,” Perry stated. He’ll be there with me Saturday night and I will teach him some lessons. I’m the teacher this weekend. He thinks he’s going to show me something.”

“I’m definitely not going to be showing you anything because you’re not going to see it. You’re going to be asleep,” Page replied. You’ll need to look at it again. It will be rewatched and you’ll find out the details.

“I don’t miss nothing. Perry said, “I see everything.” Perry said, “I see everything. I look down at the barrel. I shoot every shot. Because I refuse to be set up …” HTML2_

” Your face tells you otherwise,” Page replied. “You see it all, but you’ve been hit way too much.”

“Your head looks like a ball sack,” Perry returned after a brief pause. “You look like testicles and the hair on your chin looks like gooch hair, and I’m going to shove my fist up your ass.”

The interaction between them continued in the same way. Page called Perry “delusional” at one point and suggested that the “drugs you take are very powerful.” Perry replied that “there’s not anything I would rather than get into there and touch that scrotum face,” promising to “twerk with” Page once he knocks him out.

But underneath all the banter and squabbling, there’s a sense of respect between men.

” I thought that it was admirable how you were defeated, and then you came back to fight [Douglas Lima] and won the victory,” Perry stated. “That’s awesome. It’s one of the reasons that I’m excited to fight you, because it shows your heart and your grit. And I’m going to show the world how much grittier I am.”

“There is respect here at the end-of-the day, 100 percentage,” Page replied. “At the end of the day we have to go to war. It is exactly what it is. We are prize fighters, and it is our duty to win. It’ll be a showdown in Chinatown, so let’s make it happen.”