Michael Page challenged Ian Machado to a Garry’s Ian Machado challenge

After defeating Kevin Holland by unanimous decision in his debut fight under the UFC banner, Michael Page wants Irishman Ian Machado Garry, ranked seventh in the UFC welterweight division rankings, as his next opponent.

“Just looking at the rankings, I think the most logical fight is with Ian Garry,” the Brit said on another edition of The MMA Hour program. “Considering he was confident I wouldn’t beat Kevin.”

“There was an interview where he was asked about my fight and he said, ‘Who did he fight? He’s not going to beat Kevin. There’s no way he’s going to get past Kevin.’ It was very dismissive. People have their opinions and that’s fine, you shouldn’t get mad at it, but here I am passing Kevin, and maybe you can stop me?”

Venom sees England as the ideal place for the fight, where the world’s strongest league is scheduled to return this July.

“A fight in the UK would be ideal. This confrontation would raise a big buzz and I think it’s a good fight. He’s number seven in the rankings and seven is my lucky number.”

Undefeated Ian Machado Garry earned his seventh UFC victory in February with a split decision win over Jeff Neal at UFC 298 in Anaheim.