Michael Moorer: “Today’s fighters won’t beat Usyk”


The first left-handed boxer to become world heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) American Michael Moorer gave
interview for a local news portal.

In a conversation, the ex-unified heavyweight champion expressed his opinion about the current unified left-handed champion Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs). Moorer is confident that none of today’s fighters will defeat Usyk. Michael noted the excellent mentorship of the Ukrainian fighter and his great amateur experience.

— I know you were left-handed. Now there is another left-hander in the heavyweight division – champion Oleksandr Usyk. Have you watched it a lot? If yes, what are your thoughts about Oleksandr Usyk?

– Oleksandr Usyk is a phenomenal boxer. Having the mentorship that led him to the title… That was the Canelo-Bivol fight. I’ve been screaming about this fight since the very beginning. Because the “Russians” fight all different styles throughout their careers, starting with the amateurs. I fought the “Russians” five times as an amateur. As amateurs, they learn skills with all fighters: Mexicans, Germans, Koreans, everyone. And Canelo just didn’t have a chance. Because these “Russian” fighters know that if they play the right game, they know how to beat any style.

“And they are always in shape, always boxing very disciplined, behind the jab, with fundamental skills.

— [кивает]

– Is there a fighter whom you see as a favorite against Usyk?

– There is no one I see as a favorite, because Usyk has a height, he has an arm span, and he knows how to fight. Today’s fighters will not beat Usyk, because Usyk is well instructed. He has fought as an amateur all his career, he has fought with different styles, he can fight and beat anyone.

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– If you were at your peak, how would you beat Usyk? How to beat such a guy?

“I would be close to him. I wouldn’t give him space. If I didn’t give him space, he wouldn’t be as effective because I would be infighting, I wouldn’t let him keep me on the edge of his punches.

– They would crush him.

– Yes exactly.

You beat Holyfield for the lineal title, right?

– Yes.

What do you remember from that fight?

– I won. I remember the fight in fragments. It was phenomenal, it was a good night.

You are the first left-handed lineal champion.

– Yes.

I asked you about Usyk because you are one of those special boxers.

Usyk is a great fighter. I went from amateurs, went to professionals and transferred this amateur style. He can beat anyone.

Is there any message for the boxing world before we end this interview?

– Thanks for your support.

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