Michael Chandler reacted to the advice of Islam Makhachev

The UFC’s number six ranked lightweight Michael Chandler has responded to the division’s current champion, Islam Makhachev, who in a recent interview advised the American to return to the octagon instead of waiting for a fight with Conor McGregor.

“Thanks for the unsolicited advice, Islam – I sleep fine at night. I have a plan and you’re part of it, champ,” the former Bellator titleholder wrote on social media, addressing the Russian.

Earlier, Islam Makhachev said the following in an interview with MMAJunkie:

“Chandler doesn’t look good because, how many years has he been waiting for this fight? Every day he goes to bed and dreams – I’m going to fight Conor McGregor. Man, you’re not young anymore – you’ve got to fight somebody, make money, and then you can fight Conor”

“What could happen? You already lost your last fight. Lose again, earn it, and fight Conor. Maybe if you lose again, Conor will see this fight, and say, ‘I can beat this guy!'”

Last year, Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler took part in the filming of another season of TUF, however, their coaching confrontation on the TV project never made it to the octagon.

At the same time, the Irishman continues to claim that his fight with the American will take place, and even names the date, June 29, however, comments from the leadership of the strongest league in the world cast doubt on the realization of the scenario voiced by McGregor.

As for Islam Makhachev, he plans to make a defense of the championship belt this June against the third number of the division, Dustin Porier.