Michael Chandler gave a characterization to Rafael Fiziev

Michael Chandler gave a characterization to Rafael Fiziev

Former Bellator champion and former UFC lightweight title contender Michael Chandler spoke out about Rafael Fiziev, who will share the octagon with Justin Gaethje in a month.

“I trained with him – he is a very dynamic and spectacular fighter,” quotes American MMA Junkie. “When you watch a guy in training and then see him pull it off perfectly in a fight, it’s always fun to watch.”

“I think he is the most talented drummer in the world. Not just in the UFC lightweight division. And Justin Gaethje is a great match for him. It will definitely be an exciting fight and I am very interested in who will come out victorious.”

The lightweight bout between Rafael Fiziev and Justin Gaethje will be the second big event at UFC 286 on March 18 in London, with Michael Chandler taking on Conor McGregor after they both take part in the filming of the next season of TUF as opposing team coaches.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30807-majkl-chendler-dal-kharakteristiku-rafaelyu-fizievu.html?rand=19907