Michael Bisping thinks that Mark Zuckerberg is a ****** geek and UFC will only attract more people.


Michael Bisping believes Mark Zuckerberg’s presence at UFC Vegas 61 can lead to good things for the sport of MMA.

Zuckerberg was the co-founder and CEO of Meta Platforms and was present at this Saturday’s APEX card. The event was closed to media and the general public.

While there was a lot to be puzzled about Zuckerberg’s private fighter card, Bisping seemed to have the opposite view.

“Mark Zuckerberg was in attendance. Pretty cool to see,” Bisping said on his podcast Believe You Me.

Bisping’s co-host, and UFC light heavyweight, Anthony Smith believes that Zuckerberg being in attendance could do wonders for the UFC’s fan base — mostly considering how powerful, rich, and well-known he is, which is something the former middleweight champion concurs with.

“They’re all good points, and this isn’t meant as an insult to him and it sounds like a meathead comment, but [more fans can get into the sport because of] someone that’s as nerdy as him. He is a technology genius. You’ve seen him, and he can be described as, quote unquote, a bit of a nerd. It’s amazing to watch a man like Zuckerberg who has that kind of influence, who is wealthy, and who also holds that power.

” I believe that this will bring in more people. MMA has a huge following, however, it’s not without its critics and skeptics. But seeing someone that’s clearly wildly intelligent as he is, to be an admirer of the sport, and his wife is there enjoying it, it’s only going to bring in more fans.”

Zuckerberg was cageside with Dana White from UFC, reacting to all the action.

It’s Bisping’s hope that Zuckerberg’s interest in the sport can help find newer fans that haven’t given the sport a chance.

“[It’s] that acceptance by a wider audience because he isn’t typically who you would consider [is] to be the ‘just bleed MMA fan,” Bisping stated. “My mother-in-law isn’t the typical MMA fan, but she fell in love with it straight away, and I think when people watch with an open mind, they will [too].”