Merab Dvalishvili demanded Anatoly Malykhin’s debt from Peter Yan

Merab Dvalishvili demanded Anatoly Malykhin's debt from Peter Yan

The headliner of the UFC Fight Night 221 tournament, Merab Dvalishvili, claims that an unsuccessful attempt to communicate with Petr Yan in the hotel lobby was preceded by another conversation with the Russian, the main topic of which was the debt of his friend Anatoly Malykhin.

“I met him twice,” Dvalishvili said in an interview Sport24. “First time a week ago in the UFC PI gym and I asked him the question: ‘Where is the money!? Maybe Anatoly gave you money for me? Because he lost a fifty thousand dollar bet to me.’ He replied: ‘I told Anatoly not to pay, because I did not lose the second fight to Aljamain, and he should not pay you’. Is it masculine? Peter is wrong in this matter, because he lost the fight, and Anatoly promised to pay me money.

“At the same time, I offered him to talk on camera, promote our fight in a cross interview with The Schmo and he agreed, but when The Schmo wrote to him about this, he refused. Yesterday I met Peter for the second time and asked him why he didn’t want to do an interview? I offered him to talk without The Schmo, just the two of us, but he categorically refused. In short, at first he agreed, but then refused. And now he’s just lying. That’s how it was”

Recall that the UFC Fight Night 221 tournament, the main event of which will be the fight between Yan and Dvalishvili, will be held on March 11 in Las Vegas.