Merab Dvalishvili called the fight against Petr Yan political

Merab Dvalishvili called the fight against Petr Yan political

The third number of the UFC lightest division, Merab Dvalishvili, who will face Peter Yan in the next fight, explained why he has a personal dislike for the Russian fighter and considers this confrontation not just a sports rivalry.

“This is not an ordinary fight, it is much more significant, because Russia has occupied my country, and I am fighting for my people,” the Georgian fighter said in the next episode of the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “This is Russia vs Georgia and I have to fight as hard as possible and win so that my people and my team are proud of me”

In addition, Dvalishvili did not like the way Ian behaved when they met in Abu Dhabi.

“I train hard to prove that I am better than him. He is a good but stupid fighter because he doesn’t even know the rules and he kneed my friend Aljo in the head when they were fighting. And when I met him in Abu Dhabi, he was disrespectful, so I will beat him and make him more modest.

According to the Georgian fighter, in the upcoming fight he is going to cast aside caution and win a victory that no one will doubt.

“I understand that this fight will not be one-sided, it will be tough. It will be a war and Fight of the Night, because I am going to show everyone my striking technique, and not just wrestling. I’m sure the fans will enjoy this fight. Peter always fights hard, and I understand that it’s time to drop caution – this time it will be a war, and I’m ready for it. Maybe it will be a close fight, but I will definitely win it and try not to leave the decision in the hands of the judges. I know that he improves in the fourth and fifth rounds, but I am ready for this and I will break him with my pressure.

Recall that the fight in the bantamweight division between Peter Yan and Merab Dvalishvili on March 11 will head the UFC Fight Night 221 tournament in Las Vegas.