Meet our new world champion. He decided in a bloody makhache


Hermosillo, Mexico. The new IBF champion in the first flyweight (up to 49 kg) has been determined. The vacant title was contested by unbeaten Hector Flores (20-0-4, 10 KOs) from Mexico and Sivenati Nontshinga (10-0, 9 KOs) from South Africa. The victory went to the guest.

The African started the fight well. He skillfully used the advantage in anthropometry and maneuverability: he moved, boxed through the jab, failed, countered the opponent. The counterhooks went well.

In response, Flores earned more aggressively, forced a fight at close range. He tried to finish the attacks with hooks to the body, hit the right through the arm. Great started the 2nd round, but unexpectedly gave the initiative to the opponent – he broke the distance, dropped the right through his hand.

Trading hooks #HernandezMata = #EstradaCortes | @DAZNBoxing

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The Mexican continued to fight aggressively at maximum speed. He imposed a forceful confrontation on the opponent, took his due at the expense of workrate. In the 4th round, he shook the African with a two, began to break with hooks on the body. He went into survival mode, clinched.

This is fireworks! @DAZNBoxing #EstradaCortes #FloresNontshinga

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In the 5th round, the fighters clashed heads. Flores had a huge cut on his forehead, blood filling his eyes. The Mexican took a break in the next round. It seemed to the African that he was tired – he tried to seize the initiative. Nontshinga did not rush at the opponent, but pulled him out on himself and met him with hooks. It worked effectively and efficiently.

In the second half of the battle, the Mexican’s blows lost even more in explosiveness and power, but there were still more of them than those of the African. Nontshinga at times effectively met the opponent, but more often he agreed to an exchange in infighting, where he lost the advantage. Incredible fight! Just a thrill!

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The African caught a second wind in the 10th round, but hurried to use up all his fuse at the start of the 11th three-minute period, after which he again clinched, knitted, held his opponent by the hands. Perhaps he should have been fined.

In the decisive round, Nontshinga tried to run away. It’s not a fact that it was a good decision – he’s boxing on the road. I wonder what the judges will count? A very difficult fight to count.

116-111 Nontshinga, 115-112 Flores and 114-113 Nontshinga.

Notshinga SD 12.

Patients are unhappy…

Local prospect of the second featherweight (up to 59 kg) Eduardo “Rocky” Hernandez (33-1, 30 KOs) knocked out a young compatriot
Jorge Mato Cueyar (14-1-2, 10 KOs).

The fighters were amused by an entertaining and bright makhach. “Rocky” traditionally confidently imposed a power confrontation on the opponent. He worked as the second number, but often accepted exchanges, looked solid.

Trading hooks #HernandezMata = #EstradaCortes | @DAZNBoxing

— Matchroom Boxing (@MatchroomBoxing) September 4, 2022

By the 3rd round, it seemed that Quellar got used to the aggressor: he earned a jab, moved well, intercepted well. But in the last seconds of the 4th three-minute period, the underdog took the cabin, yawned an uppercut and barely kept on his feet.

In the next round, he finally gave up the initiative, was knocked down. He tried to continue the fight, but was beaten to the referee’s go-ahead. Cool fight!

It’s a 30th career KO for Rocky Hernandez at just 24 years old!

The WBC International Silver Super-Featherweight Title is retained in the 5th round! #HernandezMata #EstradaCortes | @DAZNBoxing

— Matchroom Boxing (@MatchroomBoxing) September 4, 2022

Hernandez TKO 5.