McKean found the reason why Joshua has not yet been selected as a contender


Australian heavyweight Demsey McKean (22-0, 14 KOs) remains one of the candidates for the April 1 fight against ex-champ Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs), despite the fact that the leader in this race for money and opportunities, seems to be different.

He was one of AJ’s main sparring men before his fights against Oleksandr Usyk.

“He can be beaten and he’s not as good as everyone says,” McKean said.
Fox Sports Australia. “Don’t get me wrong, Joshua is a good fighter, a great fighter even, he’s on the podium there. But I came with him to the camp, gave him good rounds … So yes, I know that he is no better than me. Sharing the ring with him was a real boost in confidence.”

Being left-handed, says the 32-year-old McKean, is both cool and challenging in terms of finding rivals.

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“I was supposed to have some big fights, but every time it fell apart because I’m left-handed. This is the real story of my career. I was close to fighting White, but he didn’t want to fight a southpaw; same thing with Fury – he didn’t want to fight me either. And again, because I’m left-handed. So that’s the only thing that I see holding back the fight with Joshua. He has problems with them, ”Demsey is firmly convinced of the reasons.

“Obviously, Usyk and I have different styles, so I can’t try to imitate him. But I hit a lot harder,” McKean said.

In October, he knocked out in the 3rd round of a certain Patrick Korte.