Mayweather threw on Canelo and said that the best fighters are black


Former world boxing leader Floyd Mayweather Jr. verbally unwound Canelo Alvarez (58-2-2, 39 KOs) due to the fact that the Mexican avoids a fight with a young and dangerous compatriot David Benavidez (26-0, 23 KOs), his mandatory contender for the WBC in the second middleweight (up to 76.2 kg).

Floyd, who declassed Saul almost a decade ago, was hurt by his excuse that he didn’t fight the undefeated “El Bandera Roja” because he “didn’t want to fight any Mexican fighter.”

“As a promoter, I am far from racism … I don’t have this racism in me,” Floyd assured the guys from
Fighthype. “I stand for many young fighters. It doesn’t matter if they’re from Mexico or anywhere. <...> Canelo said here that “I don’t want to fight Mexican fighters”. Dudes! He built a career beating Mexican fighters but now says he doesn’t want to fight Benavidez. It’s a dumb way to refuse a fight.”

Ward blasted Canelo and Golovkin hard

According to Mayweather, if that’s the case and everyone likes Canelo’s “patriotism”, “then all black fighters can say, ‘You know what? We’re not going to fight each other.’ Do you know why black people can’t say that? Because they say, ‘The best must fight the best.'”

“Great ones have to fight great ones, right? All the best and greatest fighters are black,” said Mayweather, who is certainly not a racist.

De La Hoya recently named another reason why Canelo would never fight Benavidez. And the rising star from Kazakhstan claims he could easily beat Canelo.