Mayweather stuns many with holiday gift announcement


The legendary Floyd Mayweather, who has never lost in his career as a professional boxer, said that he would not accept gifts for Christmas. Why so, he explained in

“I will not accept gifts for Christmas, my birthday, Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day,” Mayweather said. “I constantly give gifts throughout the year because I feel that every day is worth celebrating, and not just some commercial holiday.”

“What is the point of a gift if it is given only for a holiday? Do you only think of a gift for me when society says you should give gifts on that particular day? I understand that people can’t give me what I give them, but the little things that speak of caring are important. It’s all about reciprocity. A random gift on any given day is priceless, not gifts that I receive four times a year on certain days. I’m better than that,” the American explained.

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In addition, Floyd previously stated a little earlier that people do not value what they do not pay for, and “money, cars and other things are valued and respected by those who work hard to earn them.”

“People who are given, given and given these material objects do not appreciate it and do not take pride in owning them. The money and things you earn are much more valuable than anything you are given. Work hard, be patient and remember that you only deserve what you work for.”
wrote is he.

The other day, the former five-weight champion, who loves to overspend, told how he handed out $ 1,000 to five children at the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics game. Passing by the Ritz Carlton, Floyd, 45, saw a group of kids selling sweets, appreciated their entrepreneurial spirit and gave them a “lifting” thousand.

The other day, Mayweather’s daughter received a suspended sentence for assault with a knife, and the day before yesterday, Floyd reacted to Davis’ departure from Mayweather Promotions – he did it the way it should.

Back in the fall, he said that the best fighters are black. Of course.