Mayweather show: Fury found an opponent, but decided to play it safe


Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai, UAE. In the co-main event of the evening, British light heavyweight Tommy Fury (younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury) boxed in an exhibition bout with “late replacement” cruiser
Rolly Lambert Fogum from Cameroon. An exhibition fight, apparently, just in case – so that the big man does not accidentally knock out Tommy.

The best thing that happened in the fight was Jake Paul’s comments. His first line: “Yes, I’m actually shocked that Fury is finally fighting someone …” Then the youtuber found out that this was an exhibition fight with rounds of 2 minutes: “I f**k!” – Jake admitted and immediately remembered that you can’t swear on the air. I apologized for the sake of appearances.

Further, Paul and the second commentator agreed that the boxer from Tommy is f**king new, but he is a nice dude and looks good on TV. Jake got carried away and began to praise Fury’s girlfriend. She says it’s hot.

Paul put the microphone aside and went to the ring – began to yell loudly: “Tommy, you suck and suck, you fight like an amateur. You are a bummer. I’ll knock you out.”

Oh yes. There was boxing in the ring, reminiscent of very lazy sparring. That’s all you need to know about it (no kidding). Another thing: the fans did not like what was happening, they booed the combatants. There is nothing strange about this – all previous couples at least tried.

Paul tried to see at least something, but gave up: “I honestly try to find at least something in it, but, sorry, dudes, it doesn’t work …” He then admitted that he falls asleep from such a performance. Judging by his voice, he was not joking.

Meanwhile, Fury and that other dude started clinching. Paul swore again, then laughed and reminded him that Tommy sucks. He began to clown around and tease the fans: “They tell me,“ Dude, fight with a real boxer. Yo, are you really scaring me with this one?”

Good news! The “fight” is over. Ah, no. One more round. For some reason, Tommy tries to cosplay his older brother. Eeeee. In vain he is …

Meanwhile, Paul pretends to have fallen asleep. Then I woke up and briefly analyzed the fight – “f *** o.” Then it was more fun. Tommy’s father, John Fury, wanted to fight Jake. He took off his shirt and started yelling loudly. Both shouted to each other: “Come here” and also “Hold me seven.” No one came up, no one held anyone. But they didn’t fight.

John Fury takes his shirt off and tries to get to Jake Paul at ringside after Tommy Fury’s exhibition fight…

— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn) November 13, 2022