Mayweather pissed off fans – told why he still goes into the ring


American boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. held an exhibition fight in Dubai (UAE) over the weekend – “beat” the British YouTuber Deji.

This time, the “fight” with the participation of the iconic boxer disappointed even his most devoted fans. Both were not impressed with their acting talent, so the event left an unpleasant aftertaste. But Mayweather’s previous exhibition fight was very good.

Fans, boxing observers, athletes talk about what drives the legend. Why does he continue to participate in such cheap productions. Many believe that Mayweather has solid financial problems. Boxer claims otherwise. And with his speech, he added fuel to the fire even more – some of the fans are just furious.

“Yes, they constantly say to me:“ Floyd, what for you all this shnyagka? —
smiling Mayweather. — But my philosophy is to earn money as long as you are able to do it. Do you know what I’ll tell you? Salvage is more important than heritage. I repeat for the especially gifted: loot is more important than heritage. Trust me, I don’t need these fights. I can never go into the ring again and still live happily ever after.”

Mayweather decided to share life wisdom with young fighters: “Here is such advice to young fighters. Always think about your protection, always manage the money you earn wisely. And when I talk about defense, I don’t mean action in the ring. I’m talking about the fact that sooner or later your career will come to an end. And the question is what will you be left with. Personally, I choose loot, not heritage. But that’s just my opinion.”

Last week there was an insider that there is a chance to see a rematch between Mayweather and Hatton. The Briton, by the way, also entered the ring the other day. It was really cool: Ricky and Barrera first posed with Bridges and then got into a fight.