Mayweather knocked Spence down during sparring. Details from the coach


American coach
Nate Jones for a long time he worked with the legendary compatriot-champion Floyd Mayweather. It was he who most often held the paws of the iconic boxer.

Jones himself performed at the top level and was even an Olympic medalist (Atlanta 1996), but he didn’t do well on the professional stage – he ended his career after an early defeat to the future champion Lamon Brewster.

Jones likes to hype a little in front of the TV cameras. It is possible that he slightly lied when he talked about Mayweather’s sparring with current welterweight hegemon Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs).

“It was a very intense sparring,”
tells Jones. – Errol then only declared himself in the division. And Mayweather was already one foot in retirement. And somehow he invited Spence to the camp, as he was preparing for a duel with a left-hander. Errol made Floyd smell good. He had successful moments, he even hit. But Mayweather fought very smart. He knew what he was doing.”

According to Jones, “Spence’s punches didn’t bother Floyd. No, he never shook him. But Floyd realized that with this guy you need to be on the alert. And once Mayweather shook Errol great. I even had to intervene. I’ll tell you how it was. Floyd boxed too neatly with him. And then I could not stand it. I jumped into the ring and in front of everyone yelled at Floyd to stop cycling. At that moment, I lost control of myself. I yelled, “Fuck, you’re always backing away? Can’t you see that you’re only increasing his confidence? He misses, and you can’t even punish him for it because you’re breaking the distance. Calm down and hit him back.” strikes, he is vulnerable at close range.”

Allegedly, Jones’s words immediately bore fruit – Floyd immediately obeyed his second coach and “shook Spence with an uppercut. Almost cut down. He buckled his knees. And do not believe if they tell you that it was the other way around. Believe me, no one has ever seen Floyd shaken up in training camp. But Spence really hardly resisted after Mayweather’s blow. But that doesn’t mean Errol looked bad. On the contrary, he is one of the best sparring I have ever seen. I don’t remember anyone else pushing Floyd to his fullest.”

In the course of the interview, Jones got a little carried away and began to “change testimony” on the go – it turned out that “after my words, he shook Spence with an uppercut, knocked him out, and immediately the gong sounded. But Errol was good. He hit Floyd, but he confidently kept all the missed hits. Great job for both of you. After all, Spence saw that he could box with the best of the best. Then they started talking about him as the top motherfucker of the division. However, it was well-deserved.”

Spence reacted to Jones’ words, responded on social networks: “I try not to talk about what happened in the camp. But it was a great job, a hell of an important experience that will never be superfluous.

And the story that Floyd allegedly dropped him, Spence commented very simply: “He (Jones) f**ks.”

Do you think the Spence-Crawford fight will take place? There is an opinion of Coach Errol, but you will definitely not like what you hear. In December, Spence refused to fight Pacquiao – I’m sure the public will not appreciate it. The champion again got into a serious accident, posted a terrible video. A little later, it turned out that new injuries were delaying his return.