Mayweather announces possible rematch with Pacquiao


45-year-old American Floyd Mayweather Jr. closed (?) all questions about a possible rematch with Filipino Manny Pacquiao, who was talked about with renewed vigor in October last year at the suggestion of Middle Eastern businessmen.

This Saturday in England, Mayweather will hold another exhibition match against local fighter Aaron Chalmers. Staying in Foggy Albion, the legendary American answered questions not only about the upcoming “battle”.

“We had the opportunity to do it (fight Pacquiao, approx. vRINGe) when it really mattered. And you know how it ended up. I was able to go out and make crazy numbers,” Floyd recalls. “Now all my focus is on Saturday. That’s what I’m here for – to entertain people and Britain. Blood, sweat and tears. As for Manny Pacquiao, I want to be the best at what he does, whatever it is.”

“These exhibition fights give me the motivation to keep fit,” Mayweather explained just in case. – I regularly visit the boxing gym and help young fighters become the new Mayweathers and Pacquiao. I look for talents and promote them to greatness… If I got a lot on the head, I wouldn’t be able to do it anymore. My career has been so cool because of my defense. I retired from the sport on my own terms, not letting the sport send me into retirement.”

And Floyd Mayweather compared himself to God.