“Maybe I’ll take Bivol’s title?” Gvozdyk on Beterbiev’s return and friendship with terrorists


Ukrainian Oleksandr Gvozdyk, who in the fall of 2019 was defeated in a unification bout against Russian light heavyweight champion (up to 79.4 kg) Artur Beterbiev (18-0, 18 KOs) in
interview Tyke Maison told the YouTube channel about his return to professional boxing and his desire to compete for championship titles.

Alexander also chose a favorite in a possible duel for the title of absolute champion Beterbiev – Bivol and commented on Arthur’s friendship with Russian terrorists.

– As of now, the belts in your division are owned by the Russians. What do you think, is there any active boxer who can move them, who can beat Bivol or Beterbiev?

– Honestly, I do not know. Could it be me? [улыбается]

“Look, you just predicted my next question. I believe that there is such a fighter, and it could be you. So I want to ask you – is there any info on your return?

– I train, I constantly prepare, I am constantly fed “breakfasts”. Nothing has been confirmed. I prepared first for September, then for October, then for November, and now I don’t know when to prepare. Maybe it will happen next year. I am in combat readiness, but there is no specifics yet.

– You set yourself the task – to return the title or maybe even collect all the titles? Is this why you’re coming back?

– Of course. Understanding the realities, I am not ready to box right away, say, with Beterbiev. Because if we say that I want to fight Beterbiev just for a check, then yes, give me Beterbiev, I will go out, lose by knockout in the first three rounds, put my money in my pocket and leave. No, I don’t want that. I want to first fight with some kind of “bag”, to feel how it is to be in the ring. Because being in sparring and boxing a real fight are completely different things.

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– If you could hypothetically choose your future opponent for the championship fight, who would it be: Beterbiev or Bivol?

– To box with Beterbiev, I consider him number one now in light heavyweight … It could be like the fight of your life. You must be 100% ready. I would try to box with Bivol first, and then it will be possible to box with Beterbiev.

— In a face-to-face battle between Bivol and Beterbiev, would you give the advantage to Beterbiev, right?

– Yes.

– You said that most likely Egis Klimas will no longer deal with your affairs. Can you confirm now and is there any information who it will be?

“I’m trying to start collaborating with Eddie Reynoso. But, as I said, there are no specifics yet, because there are no fights, nothing.

“Does Eddie Reynoso show any interest in you?”

– It was when I was sparring (with Canelo Alvarez) that he showed this interest. He somehow suggested this to me and I decided that it was a good idea.

– Your last rival Artur Beterbiev publicly showed his friendship with the terrorists. In the last fight, he was redrawn by his manager and promoters as if he were Canadian. What do you think, is it necessary to remove from boxing those who publicly highlighted their friendship with Russian terrorists, with murderers?

“I’ll tell you this, if this happens, then I won’t be upset one bit. Because I don’t have any sympathy for it. With regards to this issue in general, then, of course, although they say that sport is out of politics, it’s not true. It may only be for athletes. Although even for them, probably not. Because sport is a powerful instrument of political influence. So it makes sense that people do this. On the other hand, you can also understand the athletes, which ones were preparing, which ones do not support anyone, which ones are not interested in politics. But this is not the case, I think.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/159950-zaberu-titul-bivola-gvozdik-o-vozvrashchenii-druzhbe-beterbieva-s-terroristami.htm?rand=141343