Matt Brown sends warning to Jake Paul: ‘When you’re fighting MMA fighters, you’re in a world of f****** savages’


Jake Paul’s next boxing match is scheduled against Tommy Fury in February, but he’s already announced plans to make a move into MMA.

After signing a contract to be a part of the PFL roster and investing in the tournament-based promotion, the outspoken social media influencer became a fighter. He has not yet announced when his debut might occur. Paul called Nate Diaz to ask if they could box together and run the fight back in MMA.

At this stage, it’s impossible to know if Paul will become any kind of MMA prospect. UFC Welterweight Matt Brown says that it is impossible to play this sport even if you get set up with the opponents you’re supposed to beat.

“When Jake Paul comes to MMA, I think one thing he’s going to discover is these guys that he’s fought in these so-called boxing matches, for one, he fought all older guys,” Brown said on The Fighter vs. The Writer. “I’m not going to call them washed up, but they weren’t boxers. They were also older. These MMA guys, I know a lot of MMA fighters, even ones that aren’t good, and they’re f****** lions. They’re starving, blood-hungry lions. This is a completely different animal. Although there are some beast boxers out there, they are generally athletes who play a skill sport.

“When you get into MMA fighters, these guys are just savage, f****** beasts. They’re lions coming for blood. This is a completely different animal. These guys are savages. It’s possible to lose even if you pick the perfect matchup. You have many ways to lose. You can lose it all .”

Brown knows from personal experience. In his 40-plus fight career, nothing came easy, especially competing at the highest level.

While Paul has definitely displayed knockout power in his hands as a boxer, Brown knows there are plenty of scenarios there the 26-year-old Ohio native won’t even get the chance to throw a punch before an opponent has already dragged him to the ground.

“The type of people that choose this sport for a living are just a different animal all together,” Brown said. “We’ve seen it. How many times have we seen guys come over from different sports and excelled crazy at their sport and then they come to MMA [and struggled]– you’re just dealing with different animals all together. These guys are savages.”

To his credit, Paul did dabble in wrestling in high school, although he never made it as far as his brother Logan Paul, who was a third-runner up in the state of Ohio when he was competing at Westlake High.

Brown believes Paul’s boxing skills are already good enough to help him in MMA, but warns him that it’s a recipe for disaster to try and do both.

“I’m not sure what his whole plan is here,” Brown said. Brown said that he was referring to his desire to become a professional boxer. It’s impossible to train MMA while going out and boxing real boxers. It’s not possible to train MMA and box real boxers if your hours are limited. The sports are very, very different.

“I’m just not sure what his goal is. While it’s fine if he’s interested in MMA, again you are in a completely different world when fighting MMA fighters. You’re surrounded by f ****** savages. There are many boxers who aren’t great, but it’s hard to find great boxers. There’s few and far between that have some of both. In MMA, it’s kind of the opposite. There’s a lot of savage sons of b****** and then there’s a few at the top that kind of have both.”

Paul is yet to comment on his search for a partner in MMA. However, he has posted a couple of videos showing him practicing on the ground as well as learning how to throw kicks.

A fellow Ohioan, Brown would be happy to lend a hand to Paul. But for him, it has nothing to do with the attention that would come along from that potential relationship if they ever decide to work together.

“I would certainly train him,” Brown stated. When I think about training men, I don’t consider how much I can make from them. I don’t look at necessarily whether they’re going to be a champion. I don’t look at any of that stuff. I look at are you going to be loyal, are you going to have integrity, are you going to represent?

“That is all I care about. That’s all I care about. So if Jake Paul came in, showed the respect and showed the integrity, showed that he’s a good person that I want to be around, then of course I would train him and not even care about the money.”