Marlon Vera bloodies and batters Rob Font, scores multiple knockdowns to win UFC Vegas 53 main event


Marlon “Chito” Vera didn’t get a knockout but he bloodied and bludgeoned Rob Font with multiple knockdowns over five rounds to win a unanimous decision in the UFC Vegas 53 main event.

Vera connected with his greatest strikes right before the end of each round, as he was close to a number of finishes. Font managed to survive, but his face became swollen, bloodied, and bruised by Vera’s ungodly damage.

The judges scored the fight 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46 as Vera picked up his third victory in a row overall.

” It means the whole world,” Vera stated about Vera’s win. It feels like all the things I have hoped for in my life are coming true. It’s amazing. This is my dream. I’m going to be a world champion.”

The bantamweights were squaring off with Font landing a vicious lead jab, and Vera returning fire with several kicks that included several hard shots to Vera’s calf. Font was putting a lot of zip behind his right hand as he continued to focus on his boxing while also throwing some hard uppercuts whenever Vera got in close.

Font was very active, throwing quick combinations and Vera didn’t back down. He kept coming back with more kicks. Vera also displayed great durability. Font seemed to be increasing his strike count, and Vera was always there with another powerful kick.

Just when Font looked set to take the win in the second round of the match, Vera landed a perfect timing left hook to knock Font to the ground. Vera blitzed him with punches in an attempt to get the finish but Font survived thanks to time running out.

While the knockdown rattled him, Font quickly reset after getting back from his corner. He continued connecting with volume and Vera was returning at him with power. Font was throwing four or more punch combinations at once, but Vera managed to stop him late in the round.

With just seconds left in the third round, Vera hit Font with a jump knee and he was again on the floor. Vera cracked Font with a couple more stiff elbows but yet again time expired before the Ecuadorean fighter could do enough for a stoppage.

Font was able to take a one-minute break, but this was short because Vera was creative again. This time Vera used a hook kick which landed flush. As soon as Vera’s foot touched the head, Font was wobbled before hitting the floor for the third time in the fight.

Vera chose to attack Font on the ground instead of attacking him. The referee then stood them up. That allowed Font to get back to his corner yet again, which was just enough for him to take a breath and come back out firing for the final five minute session.

It was almost like the fight was going on replay. Font was strong at first but Vera was able to get through it all before Vera delivered another blow that nearly knocked Font off his feet. Font displayed incredible courage to fight until the last horn, while Vera seemed fresh and ready for another 25 minute.

Vera has been making a steady climb up the bantamweight ranks and this win will almost assuredly put him in position to earn a top-five opponent, which is exactly what he wants next.

“Four [ranked bantamweights], Let’s get started,” Vera stated. Any of these three. Anytime, at any moment