Manny Pacquiao signed a contract to fight in early 2023: details


As we reported earlier, in early 2023, Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao will hold an exhibition fight in Saudi Arabia. Pac-Man’s opponent will be his former sparring partner, lightweight from France, Zhaber Zayani.

According to the Manila Times, the parties signed the contracts the day before at Pacquiao’s residence in Makati.

The bout will take place in February in Riyadh and will be an 8-round fight with 8-ounce gloves on.

“I personally negotiated with the senator along with my team, and after months of discussions, we finally agreed on a fight next year. He signed the contract, reports a satisfied Zayani. “Call it an exhibition fight or whatever, but when the senator signed the contract, I told him to prepare well because I would give him a real fight. Then he said to me: “You better be ready.”

We add that before that, on December 10, Pacquiao in Seoul (South Korea) will hold an exhibition fight against the South Korean martial artist Dee Kei Yo (DK Yoo), and the bulk of the proceeds from this event will be sent to help Ukraine – victims of a full-scale invasion of Russian invaders .

  • Pacquiao should fight for real or with a star, not that’s all – promoter