Manners are the face of a man. Haye is being sued: allegedly “grabbed by the throat and threatened to kill”


Former cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion David Haye “grabbed a man by the throat and threatened to kill him” for making “derogatory remarks” about him and his girlfriend. This was discussed yesterday at a court hearing, writes

The 41-year-old boxer is accused of assaulting one Nikesh Jal at a concert at the Hammersmith Apollo in west London last October. The alleged attack took place during intermission.

Jala with a girl and a cousin were sitting behind Hay and his companion. The prosecutor stated that “Mr. Hay seemed to believe that some of the people sitting behind him were making derogatory remarks about him and his partner.”

“Hay grabbed Jal’s throat with his hands and threatened him, saying something like if Jal said anything else, he would kill him,” he said in court. The prosecutor admitted that Jala was unharmed, but “was shocked.”

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The prosecutor added: “The guards knew about what had happened, but did nothing.”

Haye’s lawyer said that David did not grab anyone and did not threaten anyone, “at most, he took him by the shoulder and never made any death threats.”

Security camera video of the incident shows Haye stepping over his seat and leaning over to say something to Jala. “He leans towards me, starts talking in my ear and grabs my throat,” he says. According to him, Hay told him, “Say one more word and I’ll kill you.” According to him, he “felt threatened” and was “shaking.”

The trial continues.

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