Malignaggi breaks down potential Davis-Garcia megafight


Boxing columnist and ex-world champion in two weights Italian-American Paul Malignaggi talked about a potential mega-fight of compatriot knockouts – they say that on April 15 in the intermediate weight there will be a fight between Gervonta Davis (28-0, 26 KOs) and Ryan Garcia (23- 0.19 KO).

“Will this fight take place? —
thought Malignaggi. – We’ll see … Have I decided on a favorite? I think Gervonta has a little more of a fighting dog. And Ryan has the physical advantage to beat Tank. But the question is, will he have enough character and psychology. It seemed to me that Gervonta was more determined to fight.”

According to the expert, “the advantage of the Tank is that it does not fall apart after missed hits. I remember that Ryan got off the canvas, took the initiative and scored against Luke Campbell. But, on the other hand, after this fight, he seemed to have been replaced. He seemed to be afraid of repetition. That’s why I’m not 100% sure about it. But Gervonte is sure. He has already passed through a couple of fierce cuts. He was behind Rolando Romero in the long run, but kept calm and knocked him out. He dealt well tactically with Hector Luis Garcia. He knocked out Jose Pedraza. So his level, his reputation does not raise questions.

Malignaggi believes that if Garcia can still cope with the psychological pressure, then “he has every chance to win. Yes, it’s all about psychology. You understand, it is impossible to predict something here. And I’m not sure that anyone has an exact answer to this question. Ryan… Today he’s a boxer, tomorrow he’s a model, the day after tomorrow he’s a businessman, then a YouTuber, then hangs around the Paul brothers like he’s their devoted fan. I don’t know what to think of him. But I see its potential. And he’s up to par.”

Meanwhile, Davis disagrees that the fight with Garcia was close. By the way, he set a record in this fight. And promoter Eddie Hearn called Gervonta a “moonhead” and compared him to Mike Tyson.