Mairbek Khasiev revealed the main purpose of buying AMC Fight Nights

Mairbek Khasiev revealed the main purpose of buying AMC Fight Nights

The head of the ACA league, Mairbek Khasiev, confirmed the fact of negotiations with the owners of AMC Fight Nights, and also named the goal of buying one of his main competitors in the Russian space.

“We need to be patient a little, and there will be information – now I cannot specifically tell you something about this,” Khasiyev said, talking to reporters at the ACA Awards ceremony. “Yes, we had an idea, we discussed it, we worked on it, and, in principle, the process has not been stopped and has not stopped. Most likely, in March-April you will learn everything “

“By and large, it makes no sense to buy AMC Fight Nights, but we are talking about the absorption of all the top leagues in the Russian space, that’s all. The goal is clear, approximately. By absorbing, we can do something new. What will come of it, we will understand when we take it.

At the end of last year, information about the negotiations between the leagues was officially confirmed by the president of AMC Fight Nights, Kamil Gadzhiev, but later, sources close to the situation announced the suspension of this process.

Recall that in December 2018, the Absolute Championship Akhmat league was created as a result of the merger of the Absolute Championship Berkut and WFCA organizations, and a few months before that, the ACB league absorbed Tech Krep FC.

As for the AMC Fight Nights league, it is owned by Russian businessman Amir Muradov, who acquired Fight Nights Global two years ago and rebranded it, leaving Gadzhiev in charge of the promotion.