Mairbek Khasiev addressed the presidents of UFC and Bellator

Mairbek Khasiev addressed the presidents of UFC and Bellator

The head of the ACA league, Mairbek Khasiev, decided in one fell swoop to break the back of not only the UFC, but also Bellator.

To this end, the head of the leading Russian organization turned to the leadership of the world’s strongest leagues with a proposal to hold a grand prix between the best fighters, which will show the real level of each promotion.

“The Bellator American League has finally come to what I’ve been talking about for a long time!” Khasiyev said in a statement published on the league’s social networks. “These are wall-to-wall fights between the best MMA leagues in the world! Except Scott Cocker and Seo took the easy route by taking on Rizin. What came of it, we saw – the Japanese promotion acted as an extra and lost with a score of “0-5”. To be honest, I did not understand what the idea of ​​this meeting was, there was no intrigue initially. But, the main thing is that the ice has broken and now Bellator, inspired by its “success”, is challenging all other leagues”

“Cool, we accept this challenge and I have no doubt that the ASA will “carry out” its colleagues from the USA. Only in this case the question arises: “What will this victory give us if Bellator is not the strongest organization in the world?” Beating their fighters, we still will not be satisfied, what then is the meaning of such “success”? So I have a counter offer that I’ve been talking about for years. This is to arrange the Grand Prix of the best leagues in the world! I think that four promotions will be enough, it is unlikely that there will be more. It will be fair to separate the UFC and Bellator, and then, by drawing lots, distribute the ACA and the fourth participant in the semi-finals. We will be satisfied with any option in the starting meeting!”

“Today it is obvious to everyone that ASA is the flagship of not only Russian, but also European MMA as a whole. Therefore, our participation in a possible tournament should not raise any questions. The roster of fighters, ratings, fees, bonuses, the level of fights speak for themselves. So, let’s sit down at the negotiating table and negotiate. We are ready for any dates and locations. Mr White, Cocker and the others, now it’s up to you. Without ASA, your hysteria will be inferior and dubious! This story will cause an unprecedented stir in the world of MMA, and you can also earn good money on this! The Old Wolf is waiting for your answer! M. Khasiev

Mairbek Khasiev’s statement came two weeks after information about negotiations between the ACA and AMC Fight Nights leagues was officially confirmed, which is expected to result in a takeover of the organization headed by Kamil Gadzhiev.