Luis Ortiz pleased with himself: “I made a war with Ruiz”


43-year-old Cuban former King Kong heavyweight contender Luis Ortiz (33-3, 28 KOs) was pleased with his performance in the last WBC Candidates fight against Mexican Andy Ruiz (35-2, 22 KOs), despite the fact that that the result was the victory of the opponent on points, and Louis himself listened to the referee’s count three times during the fight.

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Ortiz believes he has proven his ability to compete at the highest level even at that age.

“I told you I was going to be a warrior (in the ring) and that’s exactly what I did,” says the Cuban. “It’s Cuba versus Mexico. This is what I live for. For all those who said that I was already old, I made a war. Boxing is full of surprises, and you must have been surprised if you didn’t think that in a fight I would give my all.”

Meanwhile, Ruiz compared Ortiz’s punching power to Joshua’s.