Lopez compared Haney and Stevenson, mentioned Floyd and Oscar


Former absolute lightweight champion American Teofimo Lopez (17-1, 13 KOs) suggests that compatriot Shakur Stevenson (19-0, 9 KOs) will prove himself even brighter in the new division than the current holder of all belts Devin Haney (29-0 , 15 KOs) from the USA.

“Why do I think so? —
reasoning Lopez. “For the reason that compared to Haney, he still has a little more power in his fists. I admit that Devin is in no hurry to go higher for this reason. I? No, I am no longer able to do 61.2 kg. Who would win in a fight between Haney and Stevenson? Well, I’ve seen them spar. But sparring cannot be compared to a real fight. They know and respect each other well. Shakur doesn’t like to lose. But that doesn’t mean Devin likes it. So, I don’t know who will win. I think the chances are about 50/50. But it’s a really cool fight. Especially for the fans.”

Lopez credits promoters as the main culprit for many of the top fights never taking place: “It’s like they’re holding you hostage. As a boxer, I shouldn’t say that because I might get some sh**. But I don’t give a fuck. They pulled it off with me last year (referring to the rescheduled fight with George Kambosos), but I don’t give a fuck. It’s all about not dwelling on failures, but moving forward.”

Lopez is sure that all conflicts between promoters can be resolved: “I think that all such great fights must certainly take place. I think it should be decided by some cool bump. I mean some tough boss of some TV network. And if all this is solved, then all of us together will be able to earn even more, especially television networks. They just need to intervene in the promotional disputes and push the whole thing a little. And we, the fighters, are ready to fight the best anyway. Believe that many of us now refuse only because of the fees. Therefore, you need to make sure that they understand: if you want steep fees, fight with the tops.

“Remember when Floyd Mayweather became Floyd “Money” Mayweather? He had to beat Oscar De La Hoya. Such examples are actually a wagon and a small cart, ”the ex-champion completed the thought.

Lopez will return to the ring on December 10 – he will fight with the conqueror of two divisions, Puerto Rican Jose Pedraza. Interestingly, the other day he admitted that he did not want to fight this opponent. But much more entertaining is the interview with the father-coach of the ex-champion. He says: “It’s not for nothing that they call me Nostradamus.”