Lomachenko shouldn’t have been allowed to fight for title right away – Mayweather


Former world boxing leader Floyd Mayweather believes that even the most eminent amateurs, turning into professionals, should earn a title fight in a new field, and not use their former merits in amateurs. As an example of the “wrong” approach, he cited the case of Vasily Lomachenko.

“There is Lomachenko … How many fights did he have there, 400 amateur fights? But he shouldn’t have been allowed to fight for a world title in his third or fourth pro fight.”
thinks American.

In fact, Vasily wanted to go for the title in his first fight as a pro, but this was not allowed, and he unsuccessfully fought for the championship in the second fight.

Further, Floyd said that after switching to a pro, he spent 1.5 years (two, to be exact) 17 fights – and only then went to the championship fight against
Genaro Hernandez.

“I have earned this opportunity. They didn’t give it to me. And doing so [как с Ломаченко]we’re liquefying our sport. Now, pancake, all champions! There should be four champions in each weight, and there are more. This needs to be cleaned up, ”Mayweather said and appealed to journalists to write about this and demand order from the sanctioning organizations.

Matchroom Boxing head Eddie Hearn believes Haney will easily beat Lomachenko in May.