Lomachenko saw dead bodies. Timothy Bradley Calls Haney Favorite


ESPN TV commentator, former world champion in two categories, American Timothy Bradley gave
interview for local media.

In a conversation, Timothy shared his impressions of the victory of his compatriot, the current absolute lightweight champion (up to 61.2 kg) Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) over Australian George Kambosos (20-1, 10 KOs). Bradley also commented on Haney’s possible future confrontations against the American semi-champion Gervonta Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) and the former holder of three Ukrainian titles Vasily Lomachenko (16-2, 10 KOs).

How well did Haney do and can Kambosos do anything to win (in a rematch)?

“Haney completely dominated. He did a lot of great things in the ring. There was a one-sided beating in favor of Haney. What turns me on is the science of boxing. Hit and miss, combinations, distance control, level changes… Everything he did was perfect. And I also need to add that he went to Australia, he was on his own, his father arrived at the last moment. He was in enemy territory – nothing in his favor. And he even agreed to a smaller fee to take part in the duel, because he believed in himself. Bet on yourself and win in this manner – oh, Haney is a tough guy.

I’ll tell you guys the next thing, at lightweight, Haney is probably going to be the best. Everyone will object: “What? What did he say?” I’m telling you now: “Yes!” Tank – yes. Garcia – yes, he can do the job. Lomachenko – yes, he can handle this job. Everyone says that he doesn’t hit hard, something else, they make up all sorts of excuses. But what you all don’t understand is that this guy is good tactically, this guy is tall, physically strong, he has good defense with offense, he is active with jabs, combinations and counters. There’s a lot in Haney.

Haney asked about Lomachenko and whether he will knock out Kambosos in a rematch: his answers – video

Imagine a fight between Haney and Tank. Did you see what Rolly was doing? Are you saying that Haney doesn’t have the punching power that Rolly has and how does he hold it back? He’ll hold him back with distance control with his long arms, that’s what he’ll do. And it will move in circles. I will say Tank will have a puncher chance against Haney. There is no doubt about it. But I won’t lie if they fight, Haney is my favorite. He is a dodgy fighter. I’m telling you right now – the better the competitor, the better Haney you’ll see, as you saw against Kambosos.

Does this mean you will choose Haney as the favorite over Lomachenko?

— Yes, I will choose Haney as a favorite with Lomachenko.

– You don’t even doubt it?

“I don’t even doubt it. I will choose Haney against Lomachenko due to the fact that – once again – Lomachenko is smaller, retired due to the war … A year ago or 6-7 months ago I would have said differently, but we do not know how Loma will return from the war. Brother saw dead bodies and fought for his country. What did he go through physically and mentally? And he’s an older fighter now. Come on, I’m for Haney, for a young gun. With that jab, boxing ability, hell of a right, getting in and out, he’s going to make Loma miss, make this small fighter hit the air. Here’s what it’s all about. As he did against Kambosos. Made Kambosos beat in the air – phew, phew [показывает]. Direct air conditioning for the whole crowd. It was great boxing. I’m sorry, I’m being honest with you. It is what it is.