Logan Paul and Dillon Danis’ fight ended in a massive brawl and disqualification

The exhibition boxing match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, held in Manchester, England, ended in disqualification of the American grappler after in the last round of the fight he decided to use his basic skills and turn the confrontation with his compatriot into a parterre.

Having landed a minimum of punches on his opponent in the first five rounds, in the final three minutes Denis decided that he had had enough of boxing and first tried to walk into the blogger’s legs, receiving a warning for this with a point deduction, and then attempted to strangle his opponent with a guillotine.


The last episode ended with Paul dropping his opponent and then striking him from above, eventually leading to a massive scuffle in the ring involving teammates and security personnel.

As a result, Dillon Danis was disqualified and Logan Paul was declared the winner, although the bout was not official.

In a post-fight interview, the popular youtuber asked if Danis’ friend and sparring partner, Conor McGregor, was in the audience.

“Is that little leprechaun here? Where are you, Conor?” the American asked.