Lerena beat the big guy with whom Klitschko, Povetkin and Fury fought


Emperors Palace, Kempton Park, South Africa. In the main event of the show, local heavyweight (over 90.7 kg) Kevin Lerena (28-1, 14 KOs) beat the age-old big man from Poland Mariusz Wach (36-9, 19 KOs), known for his fights with Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin.

Recently, 42-year-old Wah has been forced to accept the role of a gatekeeper – 6 losses in his last 9 fights. Lost to Arslanbek Makhmudov, Hughie Fury, Dillian White, Martin Bakola, Artur Shpilka and Jarrell Miller.

Wah started the fight well. He occupied the center of the ring, enjoyed a colossal superiority in anthropometry, kept the opponent away. Lerena started the fight in a left-handed stance and did not force a rapprochement with a big man, but he tried himself – twice in a row climbed into clinches, picked up blows twice.

In the 2nd round, things got a lot more fun. The fighters slashed brightly. Lerena periodically had left hooks, Wah answered with right straight ones. Tight fight. It is unlikely that the veteran will sustain the proposed pace.

And there is. The Pole threw less and less, imposed fuss in the clinch. Lerena earned combinations, took his own due to the advantage in speed. The number of blows missed by Wakh has sharply increased. He tried to reactivate the jab, but his punches lost their explosiveness in the 3rd round. Lerena looks like Waha Canelo Alvarez.

The fifth three-minute period turned out to be more competitive, as the favorite took a break. Wah is breathing very heavily. He can be removed from the fight at any time. But Lerena’s attacks are no longer so accurate – he kneads the big man’s side on the body.

The veteran got a great blow in the 8th round: first he blundered three short left straights, then there was an accentuated left hook. Attempts to recoup ended in a series of missed strikes.

Given the age of the underdog, it would be better if he was removed from the fight. But no… In the 10th round, Lerena turned up the density of the fight. Apparently, he wants to win ahead of schedule. Wah misses a critical lot. Is he really not removed from the battle?

Wow! Wah didn’t just hold out until the final gong. He even tried to attack in the last three minutes. A very spirited retiree. But at this stage of his career, boxing is dangerous for him – he misses a critical lot. The favorite took almost all the rounds.

Lerain UD 12.