Leon Edwards predicts rematch with Kamaru Usman

Leon Edwards predicts rematch with Kamaru Usman

Reigning UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards expects his title rematch with Kamaru Usman to be different in design but not in outcome.

“It’s going to be a completely different fight this time,” the Brit told BT Sports. “I have never lost in the UK and I have never lost in London. As a professional and as an amateur. So I take my confidence from that. I gain confidence in the knowledge that I can knock him out. I gain confidence in knowing that I can translate it. I gain confidence in the knowledge that I am better than him on the ground. All my heritage, all my history speaks of this.”

“I beat the best fighter in the world on my worst day – I’m convinced that I gave my worst performance in the UFC that night. But I kept my cool and knocked him out in the fifth round – I think that shows my character. It shows my fighting IQ – I knew exactly how and when to land that punch. All things considered, I think this will be a good evening for me. I know that my opponent is cool and good – I have no illusions about this. But I truly believe I’m better than him and I just don’t see how he can come out and beat me in London.”

A welterweight title fight between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman will be the main event of UFC 286 on March 18 in London.

Source: https://fighttime.ru/news/item/30644-leon-edvards-dal-prognoz-na-revansh-s-kamaru-usmanom.html?rand=19907