Legend! Jack took the title from Macabu: video


Diriyah Arena, Ad-Diriya, Saudi Arabia. The WBC cruiserweight champion (up to 90.7 kg) Ilunga Makabu (29-3, 25 KOs) from the DRC lost to the age-old Swede Bud Jack (28-3-3, 17 KOs), allowing him to conquer the third weight division and set a record, becoming the most the oldest champion in divisional history.

The starting round was held in positional struggle. Makabu scored a couple of traditional sweeping blows, but missed the target. Jack was cautious, and in the next three minutes he threw the champion from a long distance. The African solidly spent the last seconds of the 2nd round. He needs to remember that today refereeing may not be loyal to him at all.

Jack intercepts very solidly, counterattacks well, does not stagnate. Makabu is only successful when he inflates the density of the fight. But he also has to take a long pause. The champ tries a lot of body shots to slow down the challenger. Wow! In the 4th round, Jack countered with a right hook and dropped the champ.

¡Qué caida! @BadouJack #Paul Fury | @MostVPromotions


— Top Rank en Español (@trboxeo) February 26, 2023

The Swede coolly confuses the opponent with attack angles – he constantly goes behind the front hand of the champion. Macabu is very slow. And he is already afraid to remove his left fist from his jaw. He understands that the fight is not going according to his scenario and tries to push. Jack responds with a lot of body shots. At times it seems that Makabu is about to fall. Looks very hard today, terrible balance. But at the same time, he reworks the habitually inert Swede. I wonder what the judges think?

An unexpected decision from the applicant. I tried to box left-handed in the 8th round. Makabu is still more active, reworking the opponent. Strange work of commentators. They praise Jack. Know something? Because if you judge objectively, then the champion can even lead in the long run, despite the knockdown.

Tired Makabu picked up left hooks in the 10th round. Jack failed to finish, as he is also far from the first freshness. He calculates gasoline much better. Second knockdown! Champion on the floor in the 11th three. Another right hook. Makabu is in big trouble.

DROPPED HIM AGAIN @BadouJack | @MostVPromotions | #Paul Fury pic.twitter.com/gOS6TCnMRo

— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) February 26, 2023

He did it! Jack intercepted (with a right hook, of course) Macabu’s desperate attempt to snatch victory, pinned him against the ropes, beat him until the referee intervened. Fantastic! Legend!

Jack TKO 12.