Leading “What happened next?” said that Emelianenko wanted to beat Ponasenkov

One of the hosts of the show “What happened next?” Emir Kashokov said that MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko wanted to beat blogger Yevgeny Ponasenkov.

Emelianenko and Ponasenkov were guests of the show in one issue.

“We sat with Emelianenko on makeup, he was supposed to be the first, but Ponasenkov said:“ If I’m not the first, then go *** (to hell with it). Emelianenko was approached by his manager and said: “Sanya, there is some kind of rooster, he wants to be the first to perform, otherwise he will leave,” and Alexander replied: “So let *** (to hell with it) go.” The manager explained to him: “Sanya, he will definitely go, but the show must be saved, give in to him.” And Emelianenko is like this: “So let’s *** (beat) him,” Kashokov said in the next issue of “What happened next?”.

Manager Alexander Emelianenko Azamat Bostanov confirmed the veracity of this story.

“Kashokov told the story about Emelianenko and Ponasenkov at ChBD word for word,” Bostanov wrote on his Instagram.

Emelianenko did not like Ponasenkov: “If he started behaving impudently, I would give him a belly”