Lack of size will become Usyk’s advantage – Fury’s ex-coach


British Specialist Ben Davisonwho in the past coached the WBC heavyweight champion (over 101.6 kg) British Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs),
talked with a local journalist.

The mentor maintains a relationship with Fury, and the reporter did not miss the opportunity to find out if Tyson has plans to fight against Nigerian former UFC champion Francis Nnganu. Davison also commented on the upcoming fight for the title of absolute champion between Fury and the unified champion from Ukraine Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs).

– We hope that the Fury-Usyk fight will be announced soon. Tyson also talked about the fight with former UFC fighter Francis Nnganu. I’m sure you’re still in touch with Tyson, did he ever tell you about the fight against Nganu?

No, he never mentioned that.

Do you want to see him fight Usyk?

Yes, I want to see him fight Usyk.

Usyk-Fury fight ready? Says the manager of the Ukrainian

– How will it go? Not just who will win, but what will be the pattern?

– I think Tyson will keep his distance, he will try to control it and try to outbox Usyk, so to speak. I think Usyk’s agility, his front hand work, will be a challenge. The lack of size will become its advantage due to agility. He’s probably a little faster than Tyson. Tyson has phenomenal timing. I believe Usyk will work on floors and potentially even be able to crowd him in this way. I think if Tyson picks up his gloves and goes to Usyk… Usyk is good in the clinch for his size, but Tyson is also good in the clinch and he will dominate here because of his height. Tyson also knows how to cut the corners of the ring. I think he will end up breaking Usyk in that manner. It’s my personal opinion.

– In your opinion, is there a heavyweight who will give problems to Tyson? I mean now and for a few years?

“That’s the thing with Tyson. I see how the fighters disturb him, but he is so versatile that he can switch, rebuild in the ring. We have seen him in trouble in past fights but he can rebuild because he is very versatile. This allows him to achieve results – that’s why he is invincible.