Kyoji Horiguchi pushes Bellator to add 125-pound division: ‘Flyweight is my weight class’


Kyoji Horiguchi accomplished many of his greatest feats as an undersized bantamweight going up against bigger and stronger opponents.

Despite previously claiming both the Bellator and RIZIN bantamweight titles, the 32-year-old veteran admits he’s always considered himself a flyweight, which is why he’s very happy to return to the division for his upcoming matchup against Hiromasa Ogikubo on New Year’s Eve.

“For my normal weight for bantamweight, I am very light,” Horiguchi stated about his return to flyweight during an interview with MMA Fighting. “I can make flyweight very easily, so that’s why I’m moving [there], and I also lost two in a row, and that’s why.”

Horiguchi’s two Bellator losses came against Sergio Pettis and Patchy Mix in a pair of fights he could have easily won if not for a couple of key mistakes.

The fight against Pettis proved to be particularly frustrating, as Horiguchi had a clear lead on scorecards and was caught late in round four with a spinning backfist. This cost him his Bellator bantamweight championship.

While he appreciates that both fights were competitive, Horiguchi didn’t sign up to come close to victory, and ultimately he still left with a loss on his record.

” The last fight against Sergio Pettis, I think I did well, but it is still a loss. So I must do something,” he stated. “I want to fight at flyweight, too. Flyweight is my weight class, I think. This is why I am going .”


As it stands now, Horiguchi has been signed to Bellator. This promotion doesn’t offer a flyweight division. He hopes that this will change soon.

Horiguchi hasn’t had any detailed conversations with Bellator but definitely plans to push for a 125-pound division.

” I hope so,” Horiguchi stated about Bellator’s new flyweight division. Because my weight is extremely, very low, I think [I feel better at flyweight]. I talked with [Bellator President Scott Coker] a little bit but not a deep conversation. I just said I want flyweight – can you make it?”

At the upcoming Bellator-RIZIN card from Japan, Horiguchi looks to prove how good he is at flyweight in a fight against his old foe in Ogikubo. Horiguchi already has two victories over Ogikubo from previous matches, and he is not afraid to sign up for another fight on an event as important as that taking place in Japan.

” I’m always happy about the fight,” Horiguchi stated regarding the matchup. “I think he’s a different fighter now. I have to be a little bit careful for him.

“Mixed martial arts is very big in Japan. It’s huge in Japan, and there are always some .”

special New Year’s Eve events.